LUMA Foundation

The Swiss LUMA Foundation established LUMA Arles, a cultural complex in the South of France. It enables artists to experiment in the production and presentation of new work in collaboration with other artists, curators, scientists and audiences..

Business Challenge

Balancing security with accessibility

LUMA needs to protect personal data, as well as safeguard the digital works and various exhibitions it hosts.

“In relation to digital works, the main purpose of security is to protect them from being tampered with or damaged,” says LUMA CIO, Laurent Duquenne. “We also needed an infrastructure that could be rapidly scaled to guarantee access to a large number of visitors or to a large number of live digital exhibits, either in virtual reality or holographic exhibitions.

“Our main security objectives were to strengthen the long-term viability of the user workstations within our corporate fleet and to deliver completely secure access to our users.”


Hyperscalable security for all

LUMA chose Check Point Maestro for its scalability, its high-quality Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) analytics, resiliency and processing capabilities and for its sandboxing abilities.

“We designed the access and security of our user stations, in particular, with Check Point Maestro at the heart of the network, making full use of its Virtual Private Network (VPN) capacity so that each workstation is connected to the VPN as soon as it starts up,” says Duquenne. “Carried out by Check Point professionals, the Maestro cluster features VPN, IPS and SandBlast technologies.”

Check Point Maestro is integrated into the architecture design. The solution is a central point through which all data center traffic has to pass before reaching users, and through which external traffic passes before reaching both users and the data center.


Meeting the needs of the artistic community

Being flexible and adaptable is important to the art world. With Check Point Maestro, LUMA can now provide the last-minute security needs of the artists it works with. It can also provide for the needs of hundreds of people who visit its hospitality and catering area.

With Maestro, LUMA can scale on demand, easily add existing and new gateways on demand, and dynamically allocate compute recourses to Security Groups. The solution is fully operational within minutes. When a gateway is added to the system, it gets all the configurations, the policy and the software version, updated and aligned with the existing deployment.

“The main benefits of using Maestro are the ability to respond fast and effectively with a team of just three people to all our exhibition and event requirements, as well as our hospitality needs, which can be fairly demanding.”

“Unlike a traditional online solution, Check Point Maestro provides us with hyperscalable protection that can meet what, at sometimes, can be huge demands,” says Duquenne. “We were able to work in our small team of just a few people who got the system up and running quickly, which is one significant advantage of this solution’s setup. We had just a few days of training from Check Point before we used the solution. We were able to get to grips with it quickly and develop and install all the security rules we needed.”

Duquenne has already recommended Check Point Maestro to others. Moving forward, LUMA now plans to open a new building with a second 10Gb internet connection, which will again be protected using the Check Point Maestro solution.

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“I found the relationship to be a really positive one. One that was constructive. It certainly felt to me that what I was saying about Vodafone’s needs and requirements in this space was being listened to,” concluded Mohsin.