The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) hosts more than 1100 events each year, including meetings, conventions and exhibitions, concerts, tradeshows and gala dinners. MCEC’s range of in-house technology across lighting, audio, vision and IT creates memorable experiences for event attendees. MCEC offers the latest IT networking capabilities for both fixed and wireless telecommunications and computing.

Business Challenge

Providing reliable public wireless Internet service to thousands of visitors daily, MCEC required network security and control over content and applications, without being overly restrictive. MCEC needed a solution that would:

  • Enable thousands of users to access the network concurrently
  • Ensure maximum network security
  • Allow flexibility and management of data access and applications
  • Ensure zero downtime
  • Provide maximum throughput with no user usage impact


The Check Point Solution

The Check Point Software Blade Architecture meets the need for a reliable, secure public network.

Managing network service through application control

MCEC required a solution that would ensure a secure wireless environment for thousands of users. The Check Point Application Control Software Blade allows MCEC to modify the online applications available to users at different times, helping manage the bandwidth consuming apps to control costs and keep the service available for all users.

Software Blade Architecture consolidates technologies, creating simplicity and flexibility

The Check Point Software Blade Architecture allows MCEC to run the many features of multiple software blades from a single device, enabling the company to simplify and reduce management time while maintaining high levels of security. “The other solutions we looked at couldn’t offer us the option of consolidating all our appliances, which would have resulted in wasted management time.” – Daniel Johnston, Information and Communications Technology Manager, MCEC.

URL filtering protects and enables granular web control

MCEC needed to put controls in place to protect online users while still allowing visitors access to information that was relevant to their jobs. With up to 10,000 visitors at the venue at any given time from a wide variety of industries, many users needed access to sites that were traditionally restricted or blacklisted. The Check Point URL Filtering Software Blade has allowed MCEC to enforce inspection of all traffic.


Robust, Flexible Protection

  • Ensures MCEC can provide duty of care for guests’ online protection and security
  • Delivers robust threat protection and application management without being too restrictive
  • Provides solution to the entire range of MCEC’s security requirements on a large scale in a complex, non-traditional and constantly changing environment

Unsurpassed Reliability for Critical Network Security

  • “Since we implemented Check Point, the stability and reliability of the solution has meant no unplanned system outages have been required. Our customers rely on us to ensure their event runs smoothly, and having a constantly secure and reliable network is absolutely critical in making that happen.” – Johnston

Single Point of Management

  • The Check Point Software Blade Architecture means MCEC’s security solution runs through a single device, making day-to-day usage, maintenance and overall management incredibly simple.
  • MCEC is able to reduce unnecessary complexity and save time and money, while providing the highest levels of wireless network security.
  • “Check Point really was the only party that could fulfill our needs in a single device and on the scale that we required.” – Johnston