Orca Tech was recognised as the 4th fastest growing technology company in Deloitte Technology 2020 Fast 50 Australia. Now that we have beat our chest, Let’s talk on why Vendors work closely with us. In any business relationship there are some key elements that when functioning in unison deliver an outcome that is unique and fulfilling.


Easily taken for granted, yet more often the reason partnerships fail. Trust can be measured in numerous ways:
Actions speak louder than words:

  • Consistently delivering above and beyond expectations
  • Open and honest dialogue
  • Transparent engagement


Right from the outset we work to set clear and measurable outcomes that each constituent buys into. It’s vitally important to us we have a clear path to success with each vendor and one that is set out early in the partnership.

We work through a proven methodology to ensure we have complete alignment even before any partner activity begins.

Investment model

We have developed a unique vendor investment model for distribution. Right from the outset, a vendor will have a clear understanding of what direct investments we will be making in a partnership to support:

  • Partner recruitment and enablement
  • End User Lead Generation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Programs

With greater levels of success comes more investment. We focus on helping vendors build channels to market that might not exist today or have been poorly neglected until now.

Our highly transparent and unique approach separates Orca Tech from any other distributor operating in ANZ.

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