For Australian Enterprises of All Sizes, the Future Starts with Zero

I am thrilled to announce that Zscaler has selected Orca Tech to be our exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). Orca Tech is the only value-added distributor in the region solely focused on cybersecurity and analytics, and, like Zscaler, the company has been a disruptor since its founding.

As a result of the company’s security focus and the expertise of its dedicated teams, Orca has grown by a staggering 1,059 percent over the past three years. To help companies in the ANZ region transform securely for the modern, cloud-enabled world, Orca is exactly the right kind of partner for Zscaler. Customers across the region are looking for innovative solutions to help them secure all their connections, regardless of where employees may be working or where the applications and data may be hosted.

Zscaler has many enterprise customers in the region who are relying on our technology to securely connect users, devices, and applications. For some, Zscaler has played a central role in their ability to support a 100 percent remote workforce early in the pandemic, including National Australia Bank (NAB). But the new partnership with Orca will enable Zscaler to expand its ability to meet the needs of the region’s small to medium enterprise prospects.

We’re particularly excited to be able to support ANZ partners that are more aligned to businesses with fewer than 1,000 users. Now, through Orca Tech’s partner network, those partners will be able to offer small and medium companies the capabilities of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, the platform on which all Zscaler services are built. These companies, like enterprises of all sizes around the world, need to modernize their infrastructures and security to enable today’s mobile and hybrid workforce and cloud workloads. The Zscaler platform, built on the principles of zero trust, is the unified solution to meet modern business needs.

Zscaler’s disruptive cloud-native architecture enables enterprises to break free from legacy approaches to networking and security that are as costly as they are complex and replace them with a zero trust approach that provides a great experience for users while blocking cyberattacks and preventing data loss. Unlike legacy, disjointed, on-premises security products, Zscaler’s proxy-based architecture unifies all security and access control services, with end-to-end visibility so that any performance issues can be spotted and remediated immediately.

Our internal team will be working closely with Orca Tech to support customers throughout Australia and New Zealand with their secure digital transformation initiatives.

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