Cybersecurity made smarter with Skybox.

Prevent breaches before they happen. Get the intelligence and context you need to reduce cyber exposure at speed and scale. Skybox is the only security posture management company that visualizes and analyzes hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks, providing you with full context and understanding of your attack surface.


Skybox is in a league of its own. No one can match what we do.

  • Network model

    Our multidimensional model visualises all security controls and network configurations across your environment, providing the intelligence and context you need to prevent security breaches.

  • Path analysis

    Our network model aggregates data from physical, public cloud, private cloud, and OT networks to provide accurate path analysis across the most complex environments.

  • Attack simulation

    Scanners won’t help you anticipate what a threat actor might do. But we can. Our attack simulations attempt to exploit all vulnerabilities on all assets (even unscannable).

  • Risk scoring

    We calculate risk scores by factoring four critical variables, including CVSS severity, asset exploitability, asset importance, and asset exposure that is based on the security controls and configurations in place across the network.

  • Exposure-based vulnerability prioritization

    Our exposure-based prioritisation surpasses traditional vulnerability assessments because we calculate the exposure risk. This allows security teams to identify where they are most prone to a cyberattack and focus remediation efforts accordingly.

  • Rule-usage analysis

    We streamline the optimisation of access rules and to help identify unused rules and objects. You can easily review rules for recertification or deprovisioning to keep firewalls clean, secure, and compliant.

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