It’s not just in our name,
it’s our mission.


OUR STORY BEGAN IN 1969, with the founding of Datacard Corporation and the advent of secure, high-speed payment and identity card printers. Since then, we acquired other powerful brands, developed new technologies, and extended our global footprint. That’s why we took a fresh look at what we do, how we do it, and what we stand for. We wanted our brand to convey our boldness, innovation, and quality, and strengthen our position as a world leader in our industries.

This led us to the decision to become Entrust, a name that signifies responsibility, commitment, and trust. Above all, Entrust perfectly embodies our vision of




Assess and Manage Cryptographic Security with Entrust

Entrust offers a unique selection of advanced security technology to help you manage your cryptographic inventory against standard and quantum policies.

We offer a full complement of risk mitigation tools for cryptography security assessment with Discovery Scanner, Qualys SSL Labs*, and AgileScan Analytics.



Use Your Microsoft Certificate Authority
for Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication from Entrust leverages digital certificates to transform a worker’s mobile device or smart card into their trusted workplace identity.

In addition to our on-premises and cloud CA, Entrust Security Manager, Entrust’s passwordless authentication solutions now integrate with Microsoft’s CA via our CA Gateway.

Securing Identities, Payments, Access and Data around the Globe

Digital Security

Protect your organisation from evolving security threats with high-assurance digital security solutions for any environment - cloud, on-premises, or IoT.
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    Identity and Access Management

    Streamline authentication with added security, including multifactor (MFA) and passwordless.

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    Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

    Keep data, applications, and cryptographic keys safe with the world’s leading HSMs.

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    Digital Certificate Solutions

    Deliver high assurance with PKI and digital signing, TLS/SSL, and qualified certificates.

Credential Issuance

Issue high-security payment cards, IDs and passports with innovative, efficient solutions.
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    ID Issuance

    Generate government IDs, citizen IDs, badges, and more with enhanced, secure printing solutions.

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    Financial Card Issuance

    Deploy innovative, high-volume printing and instant issuance technology for financial cards.

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    Passport Issuance

    Issue secure passports, e-passports, and visas with our trusted printing solutions.

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