Creating your Human Firewall

Our commitment to you is a comprehensive security awareness and phishing simulation platform that focuses on real threats and truly educate and empower employees to be the first line of defence against phishing, ransomware, business email compromise and data breach.

Cyber Risk Aware was founded by Stephen Burke, a former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Cyber Insurance Underwriting Advisor with over 20+ years’ experience. Stephen, having faced numerous security incidents even though he invested heavily in technical defences, soon realised that cyber criminals had fully commercialised their operations and were no longer targeting systems directly but were targeting PEOPLE. Stephen started Cyber Risk Aware to enable companies help staff protect themselves and consequently, their company network and data.

There is a lot of emphasis on technology whereas the real targets are people. We are here to help you help your staff (who don’t even realize they need help) avoid becoming victims of cybercrime. We reduce the likelihood that you will be impacted by latest threats such as ransomware, wire Fraud and data breaches, whilst also enabling you to meet your compliance obligations.

Stephen Burke, Founder and CEO


We reduce the likelihood that you will be impacted by Ransomware, Financial Fraud and Data Breaches.

  • Creating your Human Firewall

    The only behaviour-driven security awareness platform that delivers training in real time.

  • Over 90% of security incidents are caused by lack of staff awareness

    Assess the level of human cyber risk in your business, mitigate the risk where found and meet your compliance obligations.

  • Free Security Awareness Training Assessment

    Get an understanding of how well your security awareness training programme measures up against your peers.

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