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Cato pioneered the convergence of networking and security into the cloud. Aligned with Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework, Cato’s vision is to deliver a next generation secure networking architecture that eliminates the complexity, costs, and risks associated with legacy IT approaches based on disjointed point solutions.

With Cato, organizations securely and optimally connect any user to any application anywhere on the globe. Our cloud-first architecture enables Cato to rapidly deploy new capabilities and maintain optimum security posture, without any effort from the IT teams. With Cato, your IT organization and your business are ready for whatever comes next.


Network complexity is overloading IT and slowing down the business. It is time to make the network simple.

  • Point Solutions


    Managing complex networks and security built with multiple third-party products is difficult. And, outsourcing complexity to a telco results in a slow and rigid service. Why? because the telcos, like your IT team, have to manage and support products they don’t own or control.

  • Cato SASE Cloud






    Cato built a SASE platform from the ground up, as a single, converged cloud service. Because we built it, own it, and run it – service is affordable, changes are quick, expert support is always there, and innovation happens at cloud-speed.

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