Orca Tech and Check Point Incentive

Riding High with Orca & Check Point: The Wave of Rewards

At Orca Tech, we are committed to recognising and rewarding the hard work of our valued channel partners. We are excited to introduce our Riding High with Orca & Check Point: Wave of Rewards Program, designed in collaboration with Check Point. This program offers a unique opportunity for our partners to earn amazing rewards.

Incentive Period:

  • Valid from October 1st to December 31st, 2023.
  • All registered deals must close by December 31st to be eligible for incentives.


Incentive Prizes:

Deal Size Categories Reward
$0-10k $50
$10k-$100K $250 Gift Voucher
$100K-$250K $500 Gift Voucher
$250K-$500K $750 Gift Voucher
$500K-$1M $1,000 Gift Voucher
$1M+ $1,500 Gift Voucher
Top Revenue Champion $5,000 Gift Voucher


How to Participate:

Register Deals: Sign up for the campaign register & close your Orca Tech & Check Point deals between October 1st and December 31st.

Achieve Deal Targets: Surpass the measurable deal sizes in your category to unlock your corresponding voucher prize.

Become the Top Revenue Champion: Generate the most Orca Tech revenue during the incentive period and win a $5,000 Gift Voucher!

For any enquiries or to register your deals, please contact our dedicated team at marketing@orcatech.com.au

Let’s work together to achieve excellence!

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